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This section stores technical information, from parts lists to tips on how to improve your Artitec model.

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Plan U

20.352.01 planu 147 geel c lr




20.280.01 ssy zonder rongen 560


20.320.02 ssyms46 drb koln 14471 r lr 




Locomotief NS 6300 Serie

20.270.02 a 560

Locomotief SS700/NS3700 serie













GTU kolenwagen



Plan E



Plan W




Stalen D bagagewagen



ESU loksound





In some cases the information provided might not be enough to solve your particular problem. Should this be the case we would advise you to consult your dealer. In case of small defects this is usually the quickest way to find help.
However, if your dealer is unable to resolve an issue you can contact us directly.
When returning an item, please always state:
- the product number;
- your address;
- the part number (if applicable - please refer to the parts lists on our website)
- a clear description of the problem;
- the name and address of the shop where you bought the item.
Without these we are unable to process your question.

Naturally we will do our best to handle your request as quickly as possible. In some cases this might not be possible, for instance if the parts required are not in stock.
If you would like to return an item you can contact us by phone or email, or visit us at one of the many events at ouir stand. Please refer to the Event Calendar on this website.

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